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United Kingdom (28)

1. Cotswold Owl Rescue Trust  Cotswold Owl Rescue Trust
Caring For Owls In The Cotswolds

2. Hedgehog Care  Hedgehog Care
Rescuing, sick, injured and ophaned hedgehogs. Excellent veterinary support. Emergency collection for those without transport (local areas) Helplines: 01431 231154 07791 500204
Hedgehog Care

3. International Otter Survival Fund  International Otter Survival Fund
Wildlife charity helping the 13 species of otters worldwide. We also run an otter rehabilitation centre in Scotland.
International Otter Survival Fund

4. The Berwick Swan and Wildlife Trust  The Berwick Swan and Wildlife Trust
The Trust cares for sick and injured mute swans and other wildlife both north and south of the border.

5. The Weirfield Wildlife Hospital  The Weirfield Wildlife Hospital
The Weirfield Wildlife Hospital: Hospital to injured or sick wildlife of Lincolnshire, England
The Weirfield Wildlife Hospital

6. The World of Owls  The World of Owls
The primary aim of the World of Owls is to ensure the survival of owls throughout the world. This objective will be achieved by rescue, conservation, education, research and restoration of their natural habitat.

7. Vale Wildlife Rescue  Vale Wildlife Rescue
Vale Wildlife Rescue is a registered charity dedicated to the rescue, treatment and rehabilitation of sick, injured or orphaned British wildlife. We are located in Beckford, between Tewkesbury and Evesham, England. Find out about us and how you can help us in our work.

8. Wild About Britain  Wild About Britain
Wild About Britain is a wildlife education charity that provides resources for schools and the general public on every aspect of wildlife, environment and conservation throughout all of the British Isles. Our web site includes a newspaper, gallery, directory, forum and events calendar that aim to help promote green projects across the UK and raise awareness of our natural environment.

9. World Owl Trust  World Owl Trust
The WORLD OWL TRUST, whose primary aim is to ensure the survival of all species of the worlds owls.

10. Badger Watch and Rescue  
Badger watch and rescue Dyfed. A site for the protection and conservation of badgers in West Wales.

11. Born Free Foundation  
Born Free Foundation - animal welfare and conservation charity internationally conserving endangered species and protecting wildlife habitat.
Born Free Foundation

12. British Hedgehog Preservation Society  
UK Charity dedicated to helping Hedgehogs (BHPS). Helpline with advice on caring and encouraging Hedgehogs in the wild and garden

13. British Wildlife Rescue Centre  
British Wildlife Rescue Centre at Amerton Working Farm, Stowe-by-Chartley, Staffordshire.

14. Cornwall Wildlife Trust  
The Cornwall Wildlife Trust exists to ensure that our very special but vulnerable natural heritage is looked after and protected for us and future generations to enjoy.

15. Derbyshire Fox Rescue and Rehabilitaion Centre  
UK Fox Rescue Centre for sick and injured foxes. Homoeopathic treatment for Sarcoptic Mange.

16. Dorset Wildlife Rescue  
Providing rescue, care and advice for sick, injured or orphaned animals. A voluntary organisation based in Dorset UK.

17. Hydestile wildlife hospital  
Hydestile wildlife hospitalHospital - New Road - Hydestile - Godalming - Surrey

18. NFWS - National Fox Welfare Society  
national fox welfare society

19. Prickly Ball Farm Hedgehog Hospital  
West Country Award Winning Tourist Attraction + learn all about Hedgehogs!

save our seals, seal rescue in Norfolk, England

21. Seal Sanctuary  
The Seal Sanctuary Web Site, Cornwall and Oban, England and Scotland

We would like to welcome you to Secret World Wildlife Rescue online!

23. St. Tiggywinkles  
St.Tiggywinkles, The Wildlife Hospital Trust is a specialist hospital. Using all available veterinary welfare skills, we are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating all species of British wildlife.

24. TACT Wildlife Centre  
Talnotry Avian Care Trust, Northern Ireland Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary.

25. The Fylde Hedgehog Rescue Trust  
Interesting and informative UK site dedicated to the welfare of hedgehogs.

26. Wildlife Aid  
Wildlife Aid is a registered charity dedicated to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

27. HART Wildlife Rescue  
HART Wildlife Rescue is a registered charity which runs a wildlife hospital in North East Hampshire, providing a rescue, treatment and rehabilitation service for wildlife from all over Hampshire and surrounding counties

28. Wildlife Rescue (Northern Ireland)  
Wildlife Rescue (Northern Ireland) is an independent, local charity that responds to sick and injured wild animals.

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