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1. In The Light Urns  In The Light Urns
Unique & Custom Cremation Urns & Keepsakes for a family member or pet.

2. Memorial Jewelry & Jewelry Keepsakes  Memorial Jewelry & Jewelry Keepsakes
Everlasting Memories Incorporated Offers Avonite Cremation Urns, Hardwood Cremation Urns, Pet Urns, Memorials, and Flag Cases. Creating an elegant and personal way to remember your loved one.

3. Paws2Heaven: Designer Pet Urns and Pet Memorials  Paws2Heaven: Designer Pet Urns and Pet Memorials
Designs custom pet urns and also sells a large variety of unique pet urns and pet memorials, our pet cremation urns are available in cat urn and dog urns. View our on-line catalogue of over 2,000 product combinations. We also have a large pet loss resource guide.
Paws2Heaven: Designer Pet Urns and Pet Memorials

4. Heaven's Playground  
Heavens Playground Pet Memorial - A place for grieving pet owners to post tributes, photos, and poems to departed pets. Register at Heavens Playground and create a Memorial Page for your Pet. Message Board, Greeting Cards, and Postcards available. Links to other sites offering support.

5. Pet Loss Support Page: Pennsylvania Pet Loss Resources  
Coping with grief on the death of a pet; tips on pet loss bereavement

6. Rainbows Bridge  
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbows Bridge.
Rainbows Bridge

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