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United Kingdom (41)

1. Animal Allsorts - Cat/Dog Rescue in Birmingham, UK  Animal Allsorts - Cat/Dog Rescue in Birmingham, UK
Animal Allsorts is an animal rescue charity and sanctuary in Birmingham, UK which rehomes unwanted, abandoned or mistreated dogs & cats in the West Midlands.
Animal Allsorts - Cat/Dog Rescue in Birmingham, UK

2. ANIMAL SAMARITANS - A voluntary UK registered Charity that rehomes unwanted & ill-treated pets in South London & North-West Kent.  ANIMAL SAMARITANS - A voluntary UK registered Charity that rehomes unwanted & ill-treated pets in South London & North-West Kent.
A voluntary UK registered charity that rescues and rehomes unwanted and ill-treated pets and helps injured wildlife.

3. Bramcote Animal Rescue Centre  Bramcote Animal Rescue Centre
The Bramcote Animal Rescue Centre located in the village of Bramcote near Nottingham has been rescuing abandoned animals for over 21 years.

4. Destitute Animal Shelter - Bolton  Destitute Animal Shelter - Bolton
Care & re-homing lost & abandoned cats & dogs in & around Bolton UK. Site is packed with advice and stories about dogs and cats.

65. East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service  East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service
East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service is a voluntary organisation helping wildlife in need across the County of East Sussex, England. Providing a wildlife ambulance and advice 24hours a day, dealing with baby birds to road casualty deer.

6. Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary  Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary
Farm animal rescue sanctuary is a rescue home for farm animals that were destined for slaughter. They are now lucky and live in peace without the fear of persecution. We run adoption and fundraising schemes to provide income, to keep the sanctuary running.
Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary

7. FOAL farm animal sanctuary  FOAL farm animal sanctuary
FOAL farm animal rescue shelter for dogs, cats, kittens and puppies... giving care and protection of animals

8. Furry Friends Animal Rescue  Furry Friends Animal Rescue
Furry Friends Animal Rescue is a home run rescue in Old Coulsdon, Surrey. We deal with various types of animals including dogs, cats and smaller caged animals. We are non-destruct and operate a backup for life policy.

9. Grinshill Animal Rescue Centre  Grinshill Animal Rescue Centre
Grinshill Animal Rescue Centre is an independant centre serving in the main, North Shropshire and is totally supported through voluntary contributions

10. Holly Hedge Sanctuary  Holly Hedge Sanctuary
Welcome to Holly Hedge Sanctuary, Barrow Gurney, Bristol, England We are an animal sanctuary specialising in cats, dogs and guinea pigs

11. Hopefield Animal Sanctuary  Hopefield Animal Sanctuary
An organisation devoted to creating a better quality of life for sick, unwanted and mistreated animals

12. Last Chance Animal Rescue  Last Chance Animal Rescue
LAST CHANCE ANIMAL RESCUE CENTER was founded in 1986, its aim being to rescue and rehome unwanted and abandoned animals.

13. Mistley Place Park  Mistley Animal Rescue Centre near Manningtree Essex
Welcome to Mistley Place Park Here at Mistley Place Park we have over 2,000 rescued animals at any one time, and the number of animals continues to increase daily.

14. Mossburn Animal rescue UK  Mossburn Animal rescue UK
Mossburn animal rescue shelter rescues misused, abused, unwanted and neglected animals and provides therapeutic work placements for young people with problems

15. National Animal Welfare Trust  National Animal Welfare Trust
We operate rescue centres for unwanted, ill-treated and abandoned animals and birds. <br>An absolute rule of the Trust is that no healthy animal is ever put down.

16. R.S.P.C.A. Tameside and Glossop Branch  R.S.P.C.A. Tameside and Glossop Branch
This branch of the RSPCA, entirely run by volunteers, has been working for the welfare of local animals since 1899

17. Swindon & District Animal Haven  Swindon & District Animal Haven
Charity that provides loving homes for mis-treated and rescued pets a sanctuary for all animals

18. Thornberry Animal Sanctuary  Thornberry Animal Sanctuary
Thornberry is a medium sized animal sanctuary that operates a NO-KILL policy.

19. Towerhill Stables Animal Sanctuary  Towerhill Stables Animal Sanctuary
A privately run animal sanctuary providing care & a home to over 160 animals

20. Trallwm Farm  Trallwm Farm
The website of the animal sanctuary Trallwm Farm, based in Carmarthenshire, Wales. We mostly rescue horses, but any animal at risk is most welcome!
Trallwm Farm

21. Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter  Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter
dog adoption, worcestershire animal rescue shelter, animal rescue centre, animal charity, stray dogs, rehoming dogs, dogs home, worcester uk, malvern uk
Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter

22. Animal Care  
Animal Care, Lancaster, England, was formed in 1978 by a small number of dedicated people who looked after stray dogs and cats in their own homes.

23. Animal Mission Tadworth Surrey uk  
animal mission uk animal rescue shelter for dogs, cats, kittens and puppies... giving care and protection of animals

24. Animal Protection Trust animal rescue and rehoming in East Surrey  
Animal Protection Trust, a registered charity providing animal rescue and rehoming in East Surrey. Helping pets, helping people.

25. Battersea Dogs Home  
Battersea Dogs Home - Welcome

Your online resource to adopt or find the perfect home for your pet cat or dog. On you can search for a pedigree cat, a moggie, a pedigree dog a mongrel or a cross breed. We have cats and dogs looking for new loving homes.

27. Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary  
We are located in the lovely Brecon Beacons National Park area of South Wales.

28. Farplace Animal Rescue  
Helping animals across the UK through direct rescue work and support for other sanctuaries

29. Gables Farm Dogs and Cats Home, Plymouth  
Gables Farm is an animal charity that has been sheltering and rehoming dogs and cats for nearly 100 years.

30. Hillside Animal Sanctuary.  
Hillside Animal Sanctuary helps all animals in need, particularly those who suffer in the intensive factory farming industry. Purchasing from their gift catalogue, either online or by post, helps them to care for over 800 rescued farm animals, and contributes to improving the lives of the millions of farm animals less lucky than they.

31. Hula Animal Rescue  
HULAs aim is to provide a safe and healthy sanctuary for unwanted and lost domestic animals until they are fit and ready to be rehomed and a suitable new home can be found for them

32. Leicestershire Animal Aid Association  
Rescue centre for dogs and cats in Leicestershire and Leicester.
Leicestershire Animal Aid Association

33. North Clwyd Animal Rescue Centre  
North Clwyd Animal Rescue. The Centre acts as a rehabilitation unit and a temporary home for mainly dogs, cats, rabbit and guinea pigs.

34. RSPCA  
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

35. Saltburn Animal Rescue Association  
Saltburn Animal Rescue Association was formed in 1995 by a small group of animal lovers who sought to help animals in need.

36. Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  
Scottish SPCA - Preventing Cruelty to Animals and Promoting Animal Welfare In Scotland

37. Second Chance Animal Trust  
Second Chance Animal Trust - pet rescue, welfare and rehoming

38. Slough, Uxbridge and District RSPCA  
Slough, Uxbridge and District Branch of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) - The worlds largest animal welfare organisation. Advice on campaigning, pet care, careers, and how to help this Local charity

39. The Society for Abandoned Animal’s  
The Peggy Henderson Animal Sanctuary

40. TAG Pet Rescue  
Pet Rescue organisation based in Thanet, Kent. All types of pets needing homes.

41. Teckels Animal Sanctuaries  
Teckels Animal Sanctuaries is a registered charity formed in October 2003 as a merger between two long running animal rescue charities, who have rescued thousands of cats and dogs over the years: Swindon Animal Sanctuary Appeal Friends of Teckels Animal Welfare Centre We presently have an animal sanctuary in Whitminster, Gloucestershire and rescue cats and dogs in Swindon, Wiltshire via temporary foster homes. Our eventual aim is to build a second animal sanctuary in the Swindon Area.
Teckels Animal Sanctuaries

43. Welcome to D.A.W.G.S  
Dog Action Working Group Scotland

44. Welcome to Redgate  
A Sanctuary In Leicestershire. Rehoming pets, Sponsor Pets. From Gerbils to Horses, we provide shelter & food for them.
Welcome to Redgate

45. Willows Animal Sanctuary, Scotland, UK  
Willows Animal Sanctuary in the North East of Scotland is home to over 300 rescued animals

46. Wood Green Animal Shelters  
Wood Green Animal Shelters

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