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United Kingdom (23)

1. Equine HealthCare and Sweet Itch Relief  Equine HealthCare and Sweet Itch Relief
Nettex Itch Stop Salve Complete - Our coloured cob sufferered from Sweet Itch every summer until we discovered Nettex Itch Stop Salve Complete. None of our local Equine Supply shops kept Nettex products in stock so we decided to provide an online service for people just like ourselves.

2. LiveryFinder  Livery Yards UK
LiveryFinder for a UK livery yard near you.

The BHS is the UK's largest and most influential equestrian charity.

4. The Mare & Foal Sanctuary  The Mare & Foal Sanctuary
One of the largest equine websites with a wealth of good, solid and easily-accessible information.

5. Tracing Equines  Tracing Equines
The site aims to help horse owners and lovers trace their equine friend's history and also provides some links to sites / companies that may be able to help them.

6. Welcome to the Donkey Sanctuary  Welcome to the Donkey Sanctuary
The Sathys Sai Donkey Sanctuary is based in County Sligo, is run by Sue Paling, and currently homes two dogs, two cats, two dogs, seven sheep and 15 donkeys. There are officially 12 resident donkeys, but the numbers fluxuate as donkeys are rescued and re-homed.

7. Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary  
A Scottish charity established to give care and accommodation to horses and other animals in need of a permanent home. Come and meet our animals, sponsor a horse or pony, adopt an abandoned dog or cat, petition to stop cruelty

8. Essex Horse And Pony Protection Society  
Essex based Registered Charity dedicated to rescuing horses and ponies from abuse and neglect. Sanctuary open to visitors every Saturday and Sunday afternoon 1pm til 5pm and Bank Holiday Mondays.

9. Hack - Horse Sanctuary  
Hack is a charity that rescues & treats mistreated and abused equines.

10. HorseWorld  
The UK's Premier Equine Charity

11. Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary  
Donkey Rescue and Disabled Riding Centre.

12. Manor Farm Animal Centre & Donkey Sanctuary  
Manor Farm Animal Centre & Donkey Sanctuary award winning centre

13. National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC)  
Umbrella organisation producing Code of Practice for and supporting equine welfare organisations involved in the keeping of horses, ponies & donkeys.
National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC)

14. NEDDI donkey sanctuaries.  
NEDDI provides compassion, care and sanctuary for donkeys within Britain and Europe. Visit us, adopt a donkey, holiday with us

15. Practical Horsemanship  
Practical Horsemanship is a collaboration between Dan Wilson and Grant Bazin, who have been involved with horses their whole lives. The methods they utilise are those of non-violence and using the horses own inbuilt body language to establish clear boundaries, allowing them to train horses in a calmer and safer way. Grant Bazin and Dan Wilson are dedicated to providing an excellent service, whether you are a one horse owner looking for practical help with your horse or a large yard owner or show organiser looking for a full demonstration or clinic.

16. SPANA Society for the Protection of ANimals Abroad  
SPANA, the Society for the Protection of ANimals Abroad, was founded 80 years ago to help prevent suffering to working animals. Its mission is “to improve standards of animal care wherever the need arises”: this is amongst some of the poorest people of North and West Africa and the Middle East where people depend on their animals for transport and survival.

17. SWHP - The Society For Welfare of Horses and Ponies.  
We will care for abused or injured horses and ponies, rehabilitating them and re-homing them in a safe, caring environment.

18. The Donkey Sanctuary  
Promoting Donkey Care and Welfare in UK and overseas. Riding therapy for special needs children. Free Admission

19. The Horse Rescue Fund  
Established in Suffolk in the early seventies, the Horse Rescue Fund is a Registered Charity (No 275428) dedicated to the RESCUE,REHABILITATION AND RE-HOMING of all needy, neglected and ill-treated equines. (Horses,Ponies and Donkeys)

20. The Isleham Horse & Pony Rescue Centre  
Provides sanctuary for horses, ponies, and other farm animals, who are made homeless, or are suffering.

21. The Miniature Pony Rescue Centre  
The Miniature Pony Rescue Centre is being established to provide a loving home and a place of safety for unfortunate animals.

22. The Phoenix Childrens Foundation  
The Phoenix Childrens Foundation is a charity who's aims are to enhance the quality of life for disabled and terminally ill children in as many ways as possible. The Phoenix Ponies are a fantastic asset and greatly enhance any venue they attend. Disabled and able bodied poeple alike seem to relate to the magical atmosphere they create. They bring a breath of fresh air, and their presence seem to alleviate the stressesand strains from normal everyday life.

23. Yorkshire Equine Clinic  
A purpose built rehabilitation centre for horses.
Yorkshire Equine Clinic

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