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Europe (2)

1. Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary  Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary
Roman Cats Roma Italia ; Visit the internet site of the most famous italian cat sanctuary of Largo di Torre Argentina situated in the touristic heart of Rome Italy . In this roman cat shelter volunteers take care of abandonned , neglected and abused cats . Looking for a cat to adopt or to help a pet or pets at a distance ? Please enter now and be sure to visit the international cat shelter of Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome on your next holiday / vacation in Italy

2. Malcolm Cat Protection Society  
The Malcolm Cat Protection Society, on the island of Cyprus, is a protected sanctuary for cats and kittens. They are cared for by volunteers who donate time, money, and food to the cats. MCPS is a registered non-profit organization and relies wholly on donations by public and private individuals. Cats and kittens are fed daily, cared for, given medication when needed, and all are spayed or neutered as soon as possible. Come see some great pictures!

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