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United Kingdom (13)

1. Man s Best Friend Rescue and Training Association  Man s Best Friend Rescue and Training Association
Based in Lincoln UK, we specialise in Dog Rescue and Re-Homing, Dog Training Classes, Individual and Residential Training, Behavioural Consultations. Problem Dogs our Speciality.

2. Paws'n'Learn  Paws'n'Learn
Paws'n'Learn is a Dog Training and Advisory Service set up by Marie Miller.

3. Dog AID (Assistance In Disability)  
Dog AID helps people with disabilities to train their own pet dogs to become obedient companions and to work as Assistance Dogs.

4. Dog Friendly Training & Therapy Centre  
Teach your Dog Obedience and Socialising Skills

5. Doglistener  
Stan Rawlinson Dog Behaviourist and Obedience Trainer, who has owned and worked dogs for over 25 years, starting with gundogs then moving to the behavioural and obedience side of training companion dogs. He now has a successful practice covering Greater London, Surrey, and Middlesex

Training pets and owners for a happier life

7. Happy Landings Animal Rescue Centre  
They cry for help and find it here; no more harm and no more fear.

8. Pet Behaviour Referrals  
Specialises in problems in multi pet households, Rescue Rehoming and Border Collies

9. Pets in Practise  
Pets in Practise offer Pet Behaviour Consultations. Individual 1-2-1 dog training and puppy training sessions and group dog training and puppy training classes in the West Berkshire/North Hampshire area.

10. Swinton Dog Training and Day Care  
A freindly pet dog training club that caters for all ages and breeds of dogs. All classes include training for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme.

11. Taking the Lead  
Taking the Lead. A pet dog site providing expert advice on behaviour and training issues

12. The dog whisperer - dog training in UK & USA  
Dog training in UK & USA. About one-to-one dog training and how I put harmony back into your family. Puppy and pre-purchase advice, my background as a lecturer and after dinner speaker.

13. Understanding Animals  
Understanding Animals with Jocelyn Toner, Veterinary Behaviourist. Learn more about pet behaviour and pet training. Find help for problem behaviour from your animals. Arrange private consultations with companion animal behaviourist and dog trainer, Jocelyn Toner

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